Advertising & Promotion


Build Mind Share and Market Share. Cutting back on advertising and promotional budgets may be an easy way to cut costs. The problem, however, is that invisibility can have a lethal effect on sales.

Without advertising and promotions, your company and its products can fade in the mind of your target audience. And if your competitors market aggressively, you can lose not only mind share, but also market share.

Some companies believe that advertising and promotions are simply a waste of money.  Alan believes they can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness and expediting trial of your product or service—but only if used wisely.

Many print and online publishers today are making advertising more affordable than ever and include value-added perks that work in tandem with online promotions. In today’s economy, businesses and consumers alike are looking for discounts, coupons and special offers.

When was the last time your prospects and customers engaged with your company?

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